Grid & Data Controls
How to Create ProgressBar Column in DataGridView

Web Services
Saving Files Into Database Using .NET Web Services

SQL Server 2008 - Backup and Restore Databases using SMO SMO Tutorial 1 of n - Programming data storage objects SMO Tutorial 2 of n - (Programming Objects Not Used for Data Storage) SMO Tutorial 3 of n - Scripting SMO Tutorial 4 of n - Transferring Data and Tracing SQL Server Database Comparison Tool Database performance optimization part 1 (Indexing strategies) Database performance optimization part 2 (Index maintenance) Library for scripting SQL Server database objects with examples

Algorithms & Recipes
Single Layer Perceptron as Linear Classifier Visualization and comparison of sorting algorithms in C#
Design and Architecture
Design Patterns 1 of 3 - Creational Design Patterns Design Patterns 2 of 3 - Structural Design Patterns Design Patterns 3 of 3 - Behavioral Design Patterns Introduction to CQRS